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Benefits of Play!

You may have heard the saying that, "Play is a child's work."

But what does that really mean? Play is how children come to understand the world around them by using all their senses (touching, tasting, , hearing, smelling, and seeing) and how they set the 'foundations' for their future learning.

Play is essential to children for their over all wellbeing, and for most children it is a natural way to make sense of of what is happening around them.

At SPLICE our qualified and experienced staff understand the needs of children and plan and prepare fun activities to help the childrens learning, in our safe, friendly and informal setting.

As well as ensuring that they are lots of fun, the chosen activities in our play sessions also provide plenty of opportunities to enhance a childs learning, and aid their development, depending on the age and stage of the child.

Please see below some of the activities that you will find at SPLICE Child and Family Project and how they can contribute towards childrens learning:

Sand and water play can be an early introduction to science and maths, eg learning that water is fluid, not solid, and that it can be measured in different sized containers.

They learn about the different properties of sand e.g difference between wet and dry sand.

Painting pictures playing with dough, dressing up or playing with dolls can encourage creativity, imagination and expression of emotions

Jigsaws, shape sorters and building blocks can help with recognising different shapes and sizes, putting things in order, developing logic and is an early introduction to mathematical concepts.

Running, peddling, climbing playing ball games, dancing, all help to develop body movement, strength, large motor and coordination skills.

Simple games such as pass the parcel help with turn taking, learning how to share, mix with others and enhance social skills.

Singing, playing simple music instruments help to develop rhythm, listening and hearing and enhance language skills.

Lots of children seem to be born with a natural ability to play, but some find it more difficult and need to ‘learn’ how to play.

This is where parents can make a big difference and why our drop in playsessions are so helpful to parents and to their children. Children who play with a parent or other adult can benefit greatly, as can the adult and the benefits of having fun together cannot be underestimated!

Why not come along and see for yourself, you and your child will be warmly welcomed.


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