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Baby Bank Service Covid-19 Support

In 'normal' times we offer - parenting courses, emotional health and well-being programmes, support groups, life issue programmes and 1 to 1 Support. We also offer Stay and Play, Messy Play, Story, Songs and Rhymes for parents and children to play and learn together. Unfortunately, we have had to suspend most of our services due to the current coronavirus outbreak. We have however adapted to the changing need of families within Bridgend County due to the current Coronorvirus and extended our Baby bank service.

We actually started our Baby Bank just over a year ago. It started mainly by a conversation with our local foodbank who asked if we could make use of some surplus baby items that they had and were wondering if our families could use them

The nappies, baby food etc proved to be popular with the families that were attending our various support and play sessions and we decided to make it a weekly event, and our “Monday baby bank” was born.

On the 23rd March, Boris Johnson announced that we were to go into lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19, the Lockdown didn’t stop the need for our service and in fact we experienced a surge in demand and at first opened our doors for four mornings a week.

We then found that some of our regular families had to self - isolate so we started doorstep drop offs. Word soon spread and we started to get requests and referrals from all over Bridgend County.

It was at this point that we decided to put our service on the road and our service became mobile. We were able to secure funding from various sources who recognised and agreed that our service was needed, and we were able to purchase baby essentials such as nappies, wipes, formula, and food.

Our Baby bank evolved based on the need of struggling families and three staff members adapted to new roles to operate this emergency service and respond to families who were struggling in various ways due to the effects of coronavirus. Some families just needed one delivery to bridge the gap whilst waiting for their Universal Credit to come through, others needed a few weeks of support for example if their household income had dropped due to being furloughed or if self-employed the family income had completely stopped.

Our staff are mostly back at work and are busy preparing our building to make it covid safe so that we can resume our parenting support and play sessions. we are settling into our new normal and preparing to reopen our doors as soon as possible.

We are proud that our baby bank has supported over 120 families, our baby bank service is still needed, in fact we are expecting a surge in demand as more people are pushed towards poverty due to the effects of Coronorvirus.

We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of our community, we have received cash donations, as well as baby items, donations are being collected, quarantined, sorted and re-distributed.

If anyone is struggling due to the effects of Coronorvirus and needs a bit of extra help please contact us on 01656 503141 or email

We will need to know WHY you require this service.

HOW this service will benefit your family

How many children you have

Ages of children

Size of nappies you need

Type of baby milk formula (if used)

We also accept factory sealed baby items, if any one has any unopened nappies, milk or baby food that they wish to donate, please conact us:

01656 503141 or email

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