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To all parents/carers, extended family members and children who attend or would like to attend Splice.


We know that some of you are ‘home-schooling’, in addition to providing play and other activities for children at home.  


We have collected a number of activities that you and your family may find useful. They will be added under this activities tab over the next few days so please keep keep checking back. 


We are working with a skeleton staff during this pandemic and it will be great when we can all get back together.  


All of the staff  are missing you.  Patience is a virtue! (or so they say!)


Take care


Disclaimer – source


There is no intention for claiming ‘ownership’ of all activities.  The resources are a collection of activities that have either been encountered, or created over the years.  

Disclaimer – safety


Effort has been made to suggest activities which are safe for children.  However, there is no substitute for individual use of sound judgement.  

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