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The Baker’s Shop

Activity:  Playing at shops (making your own) 




Dough, icing bags, old ‘pop socks’, scrunched up newspaper, different sized paper cake cases, different coloured craft fluffs (like cotton wool balls) different sized pom-poms, plate, glitter cake cases.  


What to do


  • Make doughnuts by making balls of dough, pushing a thumb through the middle to make the hole.  

  • Make different types of cakes by moulding the dough.

  • Use icing bags to squeeze out the dough, adding a smaller dough ball on the top.  Press together from the top using your thumb.

  • Place craft fluffs into cake cases.  Put a pompom on the top for a cherry and sprinkle some glitter on top.

  • Make pretend baguettes by stuffing legs of ‘pop socks’ with scrunched up newspaper.




Make cakes to eat.  Encourage children to weigh, spoon, pour, stir and mix ingredients.  

Pizza Dough
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