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Building and Making

Magazine pictures of tools, glue, flyers, cardboard, scissors, paint, felt pens, shoebox, hammer and nails, paper, brush for painting, glitter, materials, card, golf tee, bucket of sand.

What to do

Encourage children to sing and act out the construction movement rhyme (tune: this the way…….)


This is the way we hammer nails

Hammer nails, hammer nails 

This is the way we hammer nails

On the building site

Continue with:

Saw the wood

Turn the screw

Stack the bricks

Paint the walls


  • Make cardboard tool cut outs, by cutting out tool shapes from card.  Paint or decorate the cut out with markers.  Add to a shoebox tool box.

  • Make some glitter pictures.  Drizzle paint with a brush, or children can use their fingers.  Sprinkle the glitter (sawdust) over the glue before it dries out.  Shake off excess.  Let it dry.

  • Make a tool collage by cutting out pictures from magazines (hardware store or department store flyers) of tools and other construction equipment.

  • Play safely with hammer and nails.  Alternatively, hammer plastic golf tees into a bucket of sand with plastic hammer.

Construction Sites Rule 5 Awesome Activi

Get a huge piece of paper and draw a large house shape on it.  Cut out rectangle shapes from coloured paper.  Encourage children to stick these bricks onto the house.  Use different materials for windows and doors.  (Foil could be used for windows).  

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