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 Picture card activity




Picture cards of animals or objects (these can be cut out from old magazines). Alternatively use real objects, containers or plastic baskets.


What to do:


  • Use real objects or pictures, by showing the child a picture and saying the word (name of animal or object).

  • Tell the child that it is his/her turn to say the word.

  • After saying the word, hand the child the picture card and ask him/her to put it in the basket.

  • Repeat with a few pictures.

  • When completed, count the pictures together and talk about how many things the child has said and how much the child knows about.

  • If there is more than one child, emphasise that they are taking turns.

  • Always say whose turn it is to name the picture. 




If you have two or more children, discuss taking turns.  Focus on one child at a time and say “It is (name’s) turn”.  When this child finishes, speak to the other child by name and say it is his/hers turn.  When each child has a number of cards in the baskets and ask “whose?”  Encourage the owner to say, “mine!” consistently, encourage children to use the phrase ‘my turn’ or ‘child’s names’ turn’ and ‘mine’ as part of the activity.  A good activity for overall communication.  



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