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Our "Learning Through Play" Sessions. 
We are delighted to tell you that we have secured funding from the National Grid for our play sessions up until the end of March 2023 and are now able to provide free sessions to all families, allowing you not only to share our warm space but also enabling you to spend the fees on other things such as your energy bills or food items.
Lots of activities planned for the little ones to learn as they play.
On top of this everyone who attends will also be eligible for one of our “Warm Cwtch” packs to take home for each member of the family, packs will include items such as a fleece blanket, fluffy socks, hats etc so helping you to keep warm and reduce your heating bills at home.
Refreshments of a warm drink toast and biscuits will also be provided.
Booking is via our online booking systems
If you do book and change your mind please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your place to another family.
We currently provide play sessions three times a week, Tuesday and Wednesday morning (10.00am -11.30am) and Thursday afternoon (1.00pm -2.30pm), each session is carefully planned by our qualified and experienced staff to enhance development of babies and children aged 1-5 years old giving children a better start in life by "Learning through play."
These fun activities will also enhance parenting skills by increasing knowledge, confidence and understanding of the age and stage of development of your children, recognising developmental milestones and learning about the importance of play,  and of your children.
We are a welcoming, friendly group and our parents enjoy chatting with us, each other, and often make life long friends who meet up outside of the group.
Outdoor and indoor play is available (weather depending) our staff are always on hand to guide, help and support you along the way. 
Creative Craft  
These sessions are a great way for your children to explore different materials and textures, learn about cause and effect and to develop motor and language skills, be creative and practice using various media such as glue, paint, textiles and clay.
Lots of other activities are available for you to play alongside your little ones including puzzles, role play area, games and books.
Join us on Tuesday mornings 10.00am to 11.30am 
Circletime Songs and Rhymes
Singing nursery rhymes, songs and story telling to children and young babies can help develop their language and communication skills from an early age.
You and your little one will also enjoy lots of craft and activities based on stories,  song and rhyme. 
Come along and join us for a fun filled morning on Wednesday mornings
10.00am - 11.30am 
Mindful Play (Talk, Play and Parent)
We provide lots of opportunities for families to socialise and play together. There is a wide range of play things for you to enjoy with your children including arts and craft, books, games, puzzles. 
Our qualified and experienced staff will be on hand to guide and answer any specific queries that you may have about your childs/childrens development. 
Thursday  afternoons 1pm - 2.30pm 
Book here -
If you require further information please contact:
Tracey Morgan
Community Based Centre
North Avenue,
Pyle/Kenfig Hill,
CF33 6ND
Telephone: 01656 503141
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