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Cold Cooking 
Strawberry smoothie                                          


Measuring equipment


Chopping board


Food processor or liquidizer 


Ingredients needed:

18 strawberries

225g Greek yoghurt

600ml milk 

4 tbsp honey

Ice cubes 


Strawberry Shake
Items needed:
What to do:
  1.  Put 4 small strawberries to one side and place remaining strawberries, yoghurt, milk and honey in a food processor or liquidizer and whizz them until they are frothy and well blended.

  2. Place 3 or 4 ice cubes into each of the 4 glasses and divide the smoothie between the glasses.  Using a knife, make a cut into the bottom of the 4 strawberries and slip them on to the glass rims.

*Be aware of safety adult supervision required 

Sunrise Juice

Items needed:

Measuring equipment 

4 tall glasses

Large jug                                                    


Long handled spoons

 Ingredients needed

Ice cubes                                  

600ml orange juice

300ml pineapplejuice         

4 tbsp raspberry or 

strawberry milkshake syrup 

What to do
  1. Put a few ice cubes into each glass

  2. Mix the orange juice and pineapple juice in a large jug and pour the mixture into the glasses, making sure to divide it equally. 

  3. Pour the syrup, carefully down the side of each glass so that it sinks to the bottom – do this slowly so that it does not mix with the juices.

  4. Serve the drinks with straws. Tell children to stir the drink before drinking it.  

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