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Beads and bangles


Liquorice laces, cereal loops, pasta, food colouring, glitter, pony beads, pipe cleaners, shiny items, sand, buttons.  

What to do
Image by National Cancer Institute

  • Encourage children to thread cereal loops onto liquorice laces to make necklaces, bracelets and rings.

  • Thread metallic pony beads onto pipe cleaners

  • Make a button necklace by threading old buttons with large holes onto lace.

  • Thread pasta tubes onto laces and colour the pasta with glitter and food colouring for more effect.

  • Hide ‘diamonds’ (anything that is shiny) in sand.  Then, hunt for them.

  • Make a bracelet or necklace by twisting two different coloured pipe cleaners together.


Collect old broken necklace/bracelet bead and make a gift of ‘jewellery’ for someone special or for a special event.   

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